You've got a great service, you just need the content strategy to promote it.

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"I know what I want people to do... I've got a ton of stuff created, I just need to put out content to attract them to my offer."

What if you could receive a customized content repurposing guide based on all the things you have previously created in your business, complete with a strategy for your new promotion.
Wait, what?!
I hear you asking, “does this really mean I do not need to create a lot of new content for my current promotion??!!?”
Yes, you read that right.  You just gained back at least ten hours this month. Pour yourself your favorite beverage- it’s time to relax.

Stop Making Things.

Just stop creating content. You've got enough of that.

Repurposing your content is GOLD.
This means:
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Are you ready to engage in
Purposeful Content Repurposing?

To align your messaging with your current offer??

You’ve created a ton of assets. You’ve got worksheets, PDF downloads, challenge content, or even video lessons in progress.  
I bet you don’t have to do a lot of digging to find other assets you have created for another business promotion that if slightly tweaked, would work well for this new launch too.
You are ready to go! You are ready for sign-ups, new members, and sales. All you need to do is get the message out to your audience- and part of that includes posting on your social platforms.

Social Media is the part that feels overwhelming.

You need

Content Repurposing

Creating content for social media feels like a whole separate project in itself...

But it’s the only remaining obstacle before you can hit the Go button and takeoff.
What if you had a 60-day guide for what you need to post on social media to attract your audience to your offers?
There is no wondering what to post on your platforms daily, it’s taken care of with a simple prompt unique to your business and in your brand’s voice.
Why- because it is content that already comes from you- just with new life for your new offers!
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Content creation USED to be your biggest energy drain!

Now you have your time back to build your audience.
Imagine your social platforms are full.
You can now focus on building relationshipsthe relationships that drive sales. And as you are making those connections and networking, your content is the constant- verifying what you said is true while they make their decision to partner with you.

If you are ready to....

You are ready for Purposeful Content Repurposing.

Imagine saving money by optimizing organic traffic. In a pay-to-play social world, you can save yourself ad spend, knowing that someone is going to double-check your feed in these days of internet sleuthing.

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This is a customized content guide- a framework that prioritizes and repurposes your content for your current offers.

If you feel like you don’t have time for this either, worry not. Pass this off to your VA…..
This done with you service requires only minutes a day from you, not hours.
It’s a fast and easy system that gives you exactly what to write for your new offer.
I’ve repurposed your content- you just need to expand on it for the here and now. No guessing. No worries. Just post and go.
You’ve saved space for activities that drive the needle forward and the time to do so.

Still Not Convinced This Is For You?

Keep Reading

Purposeful Content Repurposing is just that. Purposeful.

It is a methodology to give new life to your brand's voice and current assets. Now let's get started filling your ecosystem full of traffic-driving content.

30 Min Call

Let's Connect!

Tell me all the things and answer my intake form so I can explore your ecosystem. I need all of your assets to use your voice for your content.


And Soar!

It’s time to dive into all you have created!  From this exploration, I’ll create your content plan to align your content with your current offers, complete with social tips, trends, and scheduling suggestions.

60 Day Plan

Content Report

Step-by-step prompts, recorded how-to videos, best practice tips, hashtag strategy, scheduling suggestions, and more. You now have a content plan full of your own words, that is, your repurposed content ready for your team to implement.



One week of Done FOR You content modeling how you execute the repurposed content and prompts.

30 Min Call

Let's Connect!

I’ll walk you through the report and any action steps you need to take, with the outcomes and conversions we expect to see as a result of your content strategy.

Continuing Support


7 days of Voxer support after report delivery.  If you have questions or concerns, reach out! I’m here to help!

Constant Creation Without Conversions is Tiring.

Now, I hear you.
You feel like you are talking to your audience and not getting anything back.
This constant creation without conversions is tiring.
I’m here to burst your bubble.
Content creation isn’t solely what converts sales.
It’s the constant that reassures your audience you do what you say you do.
But having your content aligned with your messaging, and off of your to-do list lets YOU network to drive sales!
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Invest In Your Business.

This isn’t a plug-and-play system. This is a formula unique to your business.
This content framework is written with your words, your videos, and promoting your brand.
This is strategic.
Because this is a beta offer- I’m offering this purposely for only $597 for five people – before I raise and lockin the price at $997.

Deep Dive into your Questions...

A solopreneur or CEO with a dream team can optimize Purposeful Repurposing.  This content framework is for the visionary who has created- or even partly created many assets.  If you are starting from scratch, this isn’t for you.  You need to have previously created assets to be able to repurpose.

Yes, of course.  We deep dive into an intro call where you complete my intake form so I can explore your social ecosystem.  You will receive a 60 day content plan with day to day prompts- your content repurposed.  All you need to do is buff it up and schedule it out!  You report comes complete with examples, hashtag strategy, tips, trends, and more.  Lastly, we jump on a call before you implement and you’ve got Voxer support as well.

We use Clickup!  But if this isn’t your project management software of choice, don’t fret.  We can download everything to a CSV so you can easily upload it into your software of your choice.  

Alexis' organizational system for social media management and content creation is so easy to use. I can know exactly where we are in each week's creation process from the convenience of my phone!
Janeen Kabbara​
Purposely Unique

The purpose of getting content out is conversions.

You told me you were ready to roll and social content was the missing piece. You’re standing in your own way, lingering.
Jump on this offer- Need I remind you, this is 60 days of content unique to you!
I’m offering this purposely for $1297.  That’s $650 per month for an original content unique to your business.

Hi. I'm Alexis.

Hi, I’m Alexis and I’m paving the way for content repurposing to come to the forefront in the online space… #timesaver!!!. I bring a wealth of expertise from the operations side of business, and I’m here to create a repeatable and scalable content plan system that is unique to you.
I’ve served 7-8 figure CEOs by creating and repurposing their content strategically into their social ecosystems (some who have been with me for years…which must mean I am doing something right).
If you are a visionary, anything and everything you have created can be used to strategically promote your brand, so let’s purposely repurpose and drive traffic to your current offers together!

Start Purposely Repurposing

Grab Your 60 Day Content Plan

For only $1297 now!