Our Content Strategy Stance

People are ‘Looking for a good story'.
Customers today don’t just want to be sold something by you, they want to know who you are as a company.
They want to “buy-in” on you, rather than just what you happen to be selling them.
This is about building a relationship with your audience that touches their hearts and inspires loyalty.
Content marketing done well should have the ability to provide value with authenticity, honesty, and respect.

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About Us

Mountain Cane Media works with agencies to implement high-level systems, strategies, and tactics for CEO’s to align their mission with their messaging. We strive to work with impact driven businesses such as those promoting sustainability, environmental change, racial equality, and social impact and civil organizations.  

Alexis Perry is the owner and founder of Mountain Cane Media, a name derived from her husband’s hand carved walking stick. She lives in Roanoke Virginia with her husband, two children, and chickens, Red Head and Zebra. 2022 Update: The fox ate the chickens.

Our Values

Guest Appearances

Alexis Perry

Alexis has an unmatched stamina and energy for operations and content marketing.  She strives to develop long lasting relationships with her clients, and is someone who you can rest assured has a deep sense of dedication to your success.  

Enjoy guest appearances and collaborations as relationships unfold over discussions of messaging, marketing, and motherhood.



Strengths Finders

Learner, Strategic, Achiever, Input, Responsibility

Myers Briggs




International Best Seller

Do you believe overcoming your struggles will bring you closer to success?

Women today are creating their lasting legacy by starting businesses that serve a purpose.

The first volume of Business on Purpose showcases twenty women who have faced the challenges of life with resilience and grace. In the process, they’ve discovered what they’re made of and how they’re meant to serve the world.

The courageous women in this book share stories that will:

• Encourage you to grow through the struggles of life
• Motivate you to let go of what no longer serves you
• Inspire you to keep moving in the direction of your dreams
• And remind you that you’re not alone!

The real-life stories of loss, struggle, and self-discovery will touch your heart. Join these women on a search for deeper meaning and reignite your own desire to leave a lasting legacy.

It’s time for women like you to own your gifts and talents by building a business on purpose!

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