Like all good things, we have grown and evolved. Our old logo simply no longer represented our business! So, with the help of our friends at Mountain Cane Media , we created a logo that truly represents KDP and I for one, couldn’t love it more!!

Our new logo is 100% custom made for KDP. (Just like the service we provide to our clients!) The new logo had to meet certain requirements. It had to be custom. It had to be classic , something that wouldn't go "out of style". It had to be easy to read! ( a big problem with our original logo) Most importantly, it had to truly represent KDP. So, how did we accomplish all of this? Well, we took inspiration from our boutique packaging for one. You will notice that our logo includes twine and wildflowers which has become our signature packaging style. Our font is classic and easy to read. We even switched up our signature color to represent our purple wild flowers that we decorate our products with! This project was an undertaking but luckily our friends at Mountain Cane Media handled it with ease!
Kerry Daly
My business needed a website. To make it happen, I needed a guide. Alex, was my guide. Creating a site that communicates the “Why” of your business can be a monumental task unless you’re working with someone who has done it before.

Alex helped me navigate the twists and turns of a digital world I knew nothing about and provided solutions and strategies to help me craft the best image and message for my business. In other words, she held my hand throughout the process. What started as a blank piece of paper is now a fully functional website that addresses the aims and purposes I set out to accomplish.

Alex went over and above for me and provided much more in value than the cost of her services. I would recommend Alex without hesitation and look forward to working with her on future projects.
Robert Walker
Custom Clothier
Woman working on laptop

I came to Alexis with a half-baked idea, and she took it and ran - not only giving me enormously helpful feedback to use myself but also developing a complementary process to up-level my existing offer! She took it places I hadn't dreamed - and improved it in the process. Alex, I am grateful for your creativity and your generous spirit.

Lynley Hipps

L Squared Digital Media

Beauty is something I strive for in my marketing but when it comes to Instagram, I just can’t. Thank goodness for Alex! She saved me by selecting 45 photos that complement each other so if I use them on Instagram - they go together and don’t clash. It was seriously a huge time saver for me! If you have the chance to work with Alex, do it. You won’t be disappointed! She’s chill, on time and had good communication. You won’t regret hiring her.
Heather Wright
Heather Wright & Associates
Working with Alexis has been an incredibly satisfying experience. Alexis is dedicated to her craft, and devoted to learning new skills that will offer her clients the best service. As a digital marketer myself, I highly recommend Mountain Cane Media for website design and development, branding or social media management.
Melanie Diehl
Melanie & Co
Make it real motivation
Alexis' organizational system for social media management and content creation is so easy to use. I can know exactly where we are in each week's process and approve captions and posts from the convenience of my phone!
-Janeen Kabbara​
Working with Mountain Cane Media was a great experience. Extremely professional and honest.
Brandy Garnett
Business Owner
Mountain Cane Media provided excellent service when building one of my client's website. Alexis was extremely responsive and took care of each and every detail. The result was a beautiful and responsive website that wowed us!
Tereza Toledo
Tereza Toledo Social
I have been working with Alexis to create a logo for "Sergeant Sugar Daddy"...I was hoping to surprise [the owner] with it but of course...it's impossible to create a logo for someone without their input. (especially for someone who has so much to say). I thought his ideas weren't the direction we should go (because I also have so much to say) but she was able to clearly understand what he wanted and put it into art form.

I wanted to share how much I love her process- she has an amazing intake and organization system she uses to communicate with her clients, share ideas and product. her patience and willingness to educate- she has been so understanding about the difference in our ideas and accepting of his story behind the baking business, and took a lot of time to educate him on the importance of the logo, how it works with other things we'll make using the logo, and so much more.

Even the way she explains the process is artistic, creative and fun!
Beth Bell
Business Owner

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