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A well designed content strategy is your business’s greatest marketing asset. It is best to incorporate all types of content, across all major mediums into your content strategy. This includes social media, video, blog posts, and email. We believe that the best content strategies are holistic, meaning we create an even amount of content across each of these mediums.  Reach and engage with your audience on numerous platforms to continue to nurture your client relationships.

While most packages are customized to fit your needs, your package could include:

Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy; Email Marketing Growth and Development

Pillar Content Creation

Blogs, Videos, Emails, Show Notes, Script Outlines, etc.

Content Calendar

Content calendar creation including graphics and copy, calendar management, and platform scheduling.

Lead Generation

Facebook, LinkedIn, or Cold Email Outreach

Goals & Analytics

KPI and metrics development, analytics reporting on all platforms, and monthly check-in calls.

My Most Popular Packages


$ 1550 Monthly
  • Content and Blog Strategy
  • Done for You Captions & Graphics
  • 3+ Platforms, Daily Posting
  • 2 (500 Word) SEO Blogs
  • Goals/Analytics


$ 1000 Monthly
  • Content Strategy
  • Done For You Captions & Graphics
  • 3+ Platforms, Daily Posting
  • Blog and Email Suggestions
  • Scheduling
  • Goals/Analytics

Establish Your
Cutting Edge
Social Presence

Attract your audience with intentionality.  Distinguish Your Brand.  Be consistent in your messaging and in your online presence.  Tell your story on every platform with an aesthetic that is congruent and irresistible.

Travel along your content creation journey with Mountain Cane Media and let us plan, strategize, and execute for a path to success.  

As a Director of Operations and Content Strategist, Alexis streamlines your content creation to be omnipresent in your marketing ecosystem.

Here you will find agile decision-makers whom you can trust to make credible, informed decisions for your business.  Done for your content creation is just a click away!

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