Forge Your Strategy

With the Strategic Mapping Model ™

Is scaling your business leaving you in the wrong direction?  We can help you get straightened out and pointed in the right direction.

Prepare for Your Growth Journey With Our 3 Step Process:

Strategically Plan,
and Proceed


Strategic Planning Session

The Trail Head

Your growth journey kicks off with a strategic planning session. We’ll work with you to set attainable goals, and map out your journey with a step by step process to reach the summit of your revenue climb. Together, we can turn growing your business from a daunting business venture, to an exciting, rewarding, and successful adventure.

The money plant

Strategic Planning Session Essentials

Growing your business is all about making well informed decisions. We’ll supply you with plenty of energy to get you in shape for your growth journey. Your strategic planning session includes:


Three (3) 60-90 minute calls to discovers the 7 key areas in your business.


Exact definition of your growth terms and conditions.


Boiling down your big visions to a bite sized, actionable, step by step process.


Identification of your priority projects needed to grow your business and development of a strategic plan to get you there.


Clarity and strategic guidance via a roadmap for the next 3-12 months of your growth journey, packed up in a customized project management tool to keep you and your team on the right path.



The Clarity You Need to Stay on Course

You are now equipped with your strategic map to show you the way, but it’s up to you to reach the summit of your growth climb. It’ll take a deep sense of dedication, and a good sense of business stamina. Don’t fret. Your strategic planning sessions have prepared you for your journey. Follow the trail map of your step by step process and you’ll make it. If you get lost, we’re just a call away.




Enjoy Your Journey

Blaze your own trail, and your feet will follow. You’ve got clarity. You have a plan. You’re heading in the right direction. We’re here for you if you need a lifeline, or just some advice from a trusted source. You’ve got what it takes, and the supplies to get you there. So relax, stay the course, and enjoy your journey.


Do you have questions?

Alexis will be available for 30 Days after your intensive for support and to answer questions.

No problem.  Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate.

Your deposit is $750 with another $750 due at the time of the intensive.

Forge Your Strategy

With the Strategic Mapping Model ™

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