3 Reasons to Purchase a Rent-To-Own Website

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Looking to build a new website for your business? It can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. When you pay for your new website through a rent-to-own model, you can have your website up and running and in your name, while you pay it off over the next six months to a year.

The concept of a rent-to-own website is fairly new, so we thought it’d be helpful to flush out this concept in full color by showcasing 3 of the best reasons to purchase a rent-to-own website. 

Here we go.

Limited Time Payment

Let’s face it. Building a new business website is expensive. It’s also not something that you can just go out and buy at the store or overnight delivery to your doorstep. It takes a collaborative effort between you and your website designer and developer. Your design and dev partner needs to be paid, but you shouldn’t have to pay them for the rest of your website’s life. 

A monthly installment plan gives you the opportunity to pay for your website in a timely fashion by giving you an end date and an affordable monthly payment. 

The Independence of Owning Your Website

Your rent-to-own website is yours. It’s part of your business. Owning a rent-to-own website means that you can take it with you if you decide to switch website hosting platforms. In the online business world (and brick and mortar world) things change quickly and often. So having an independent site is always better than being tied down to one platform, or risking having to start from scratch. And you can purchase that independence over just 6 to 12 months.

Reinvest Your Capital Where You Need it Most

We all know that the best financial plans are the ones that allow you to invest your capital where it’s needed most – like in your business. While your website is a critical part of your business, it’s not the only critical part. With a monthly installment plan, you can reinvest your capital into your business, and every dollar counts when growing a new company or expanding an existing one. 

That’s why there is no better option for bringing your new online home base to life. Take the capital you would spend on upfront website design and development costs and invest it where your business needs it most. Your business and your checking account will thank you!

Purchase Your-Rent-to-Own Website Today 

Investing in a new website is expensive. We get it. That’s why we offer a monthly installment plan to pay for your new website through our rent-to-own payment model.  Unlike payment plans from other website design and development providers – ours are interest-free and have a predetermined end date. Don’t get stuck paying forever for your website. Have it built for you and paid for in no more than a year.  

Have more questions about the process or need to know if a specific feature or template is included? We’ve got the answers. Contact us today to get your business online and thriving. 

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