Goal Getter Podcast with Erica Martin

Show Notes:

I love having guests on the show because each person/business has a story to share. The stories are unique and we can all learn something from them. My guest today is a woman crushing business, homeschooling her kids, and looking to take life on the road.

Alexis from Mountain Cane Media was an art teacher who decided to pivot her career into marketing and website design. She has created an award-winning business that hosts clients from around the country.

Alexis works with business owners on creating integrated social media marketing strategies and managing social platforms to drive traffic to their website.  Additionally, as a website designer of the year nominee for Rachel Pedersen’s 2019 Global Marketing Awards, she creates beautiful and simple websites with lead capture and growth capabilities.  

Wife to Ymine, mom to Ava and Jace, Alexis loves exploring nature, hiking, painting, learning, and traveling with her family.  Their family goal is to road-school the US, tiny home style to learn from the world around them. 

As featured in our Goal Getter Podcast, grab your free guide to launching your website in less time with these 5 essential steps here.  https://www.mountaincanemedia.com/5-website-steps/

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