Trello is my go to for all brainstorming and project implementation. 
I couldn’t run my business without it.

It’s a fun, flexible, and free way to organize plans, projects, and more.  Go from idea to action in seconds with Trello’s intuitively simple boards, lists & cards.

Trello is free for everyone and premium plans are available for teams.  Download the IOS and Android App for on the go organization.

I want to explain the way that I use Trello.  It’s my running to do list, my social media content calendar for myself and my clients, my brainstorming boards, my website build process, and so much more.  

Each column is a list that you can make anything you want.  For the example below, I have created a board where I can keep track of the different blogs I write for my clients.  One column has my template and reminders.  The other columns (lists) are for each client where I house their in-process blog and brainstorming links.  You can add images or links to each card that you add to your lists.  Below my blog is a checklist where I make sure I am optimizing each for SEO.

I also love that each board can speak to another by setting automation or easily moving cards as needed.  Tag a member on a card to send an automatic email notifying them of changes on a card.  You can even set reminder due dates that notify you via email of upcoming tasks that need addressing.  Did I mention it links to Google Drive attachments?

The possibilities are endless for how your mind best organizes your projects.  Keep things all together, get started with one of their many templates, or create a system that works best for you.

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My Social Media Content Calendar

You’re going to love Trello.  Let me know how you organize everything!

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