What is a site structure and why is it important?

A good website design is more than just pretty graphics and good copy. It is determining your content’s organization in a way that supports your user’s journey throughout your site. You want your user to be able to find the content they are looking for, without having to dig deep through your design elements to find it.

Moreover, site structure helps search engines read what’s on your website. For SEO, or search engine optimization, this is imperative for Google to crawl your website to help you rank high in Google.

Crawling your site means that Googlebot will look at your content on the page and analyze it. Then the site is indexed meaning that the page qualifies to show up in Google search results.

These 3 ways will help improve your site structure and your SEO.

1. Site Hierarchy. 

There are several different ways you can structure your site and organize your content. Take a look at this blog post on different architectural types: 3 Ways to Structure Your Website

2. Internal Linking and the 3 Click Rule

The further a page is away from your homepage, the harder it will be for your users and website crawlers to find.

If a page is 3 or more clicks away from your homepage, add some internal links to those buried pages on pages that are a click or two away from your homepage. This way, users and crawler-bots can find your content that is buried deep from your surface level pages.

If you already have your website created and want to determine the depth of your clicks, take a manual audit of your site.

At the most basic level, you want every page to give a link to another page, and get a link back from one of your website pages.

3. Create a sitemap

Determining your site structure and the URLS that encompass your site help your content to be found. Creating a sitemap will tell search engines which pages you want them to crawl and index.

Check here to see if you site has a sitemap established: http://www.yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml.

If you still need to set one up, the Yoast SEO plugin can generate a sitemap for you. Include the pages and posts that are the most important to your site.

Don’t forget to keep going back and checking and updating the map as you add to your site.

You’ve taken the time to create the content, take the time to get that content noticed.

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