Business Owners & Backseat Marketing

Does hiring a social media manager mean you can take a backseat to the process? No, at least that is not the case when we do business together at Mountain Cane Media. The keyword here is together as your custom marketing strategy and content is not a “set it and forget it” kind of game to play.

I say this because I believe that you are the best representation and the loudest voice of your business and your brand. Your presence is absolutely necessary and communication with your marketing manager is imperative. Through conversation, planning, and flexibility, we can account for the ebbs and flows of business and life. When working with us, we require a 15-min weekly call to check-in and discuss your brand’s focal point for the upcoming week. If you don’t commit to our conversation, we cannot create the upcoming content that will best align with how your brand needs to be presented. We are a team.

You can expect an organized content creation and approval process to track the effectiveness of your content. We use a kanban system that presents a bird’s eye view of your content marketing and how each platform correlates with each other. Your sole focus should not be on your social platforms but using them to propel traffic to other searchable content and to your website. We will establish a consistent and congruent routine for your audience, displaying what content they can expect and where to find it.

Our process keeps you active. It will hold you accountable, but in doing so, provides a measurable ROI for your social campaigns. Fuel your marketing campaigns with our framework, reduce your ad spend and propel organic growth. Invest in a holistic marketing system that accounts for the whole health of your business and reach your customers where they interact on the web.

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