Why it was worth starting my own business.

The decision to go into business for myself was an easy one. I have an incredible work ethic and a drive to provide for my family. I needed a flexible schedule that would allow me to enjoy family time and eliminate the need for childcare. I wanted to be able to travel and learn from life, to provide an example to my children that education is a life long experience and implementation of knowledge. Thus, the answer was simple. I had to be my own boss.

The journey to where I am today, as a social media manager and website designer, was not an easy one. In fact, this is not the path that I thought I would take at all. With a Masters in Art Education, I visualized myself as an art teacher who would join the international teaching circuit and live somewhere new every two years. However, after my student teaching in Qatar, I had children and decided to live in my hometown of Roanoke, Virginia.

I love to teach- especially about art and design. Yet, teaching in the conventional school system in Roanoke was not what I thought it was going to be. I couldn’t get past implementing a system for behavior management to teach about my passion. I also did not want to put in the effort. I was a young, new mom who had my own children to rear.

I worked part-time as a server in a classy restaurant and made anything I could with my heat press to sell while I brainstormed how to teach art to others. After trial and error in establishing art classes for children, I determined there was a market for teaching art with the elderly in my community.

This time in my life was eye-opening, humbling, and my first real business venture. I enjoyed teaching at nursing homes for about a year until I got divorced. Due to the need for an immediate schedule change, I white-labeled social media content and designed websites for other marketing agencies from home. I joined Social Media United, a training for all things social media and internet marketing with Rachel Pedersen and her community. This opportunity provided me the support I needed to work for myself and propel my business, instead of helping grow someone else’s dream.

I have been in Rachel Pedersen’s program for over a year and am now in her top-level class with a team of the best marketers from around the world. With the guidance and support of this group, there is so much to learn and we will find the answers- and I’m paving my way with a business of my design.

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