Pre-framing your lens of Perception

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Business owners,

How well do your clients know you? How much have you shared about yourself personally and is any of it reflected in your business’s visual content? Do you seem reachable, relatable; are you personable? Have you shared your story consistently, or are you just the name people know but know nothing about?

I want you to know who I am. I want to share my story as it is now and how it came to be. However, lately I have been hiding from my family and friends of the family I may run into in my hometown in the Bible Belt of Virginia. You see, I am a newer Muslim who as a white woman, is now experiencing perception in a way I never have had to experience before.

Perception is a crossroads of how you see yourself, others, and how they view you. I am learning and growing in these areas of new perceptions. I struggle with my visual representation as I now wear a hijab and perceive those I encounter as judgemental. I am learning, however, that I need to pre-frame the lens that you view me through. It is a fact that people are attracted to what looks different, to what stands out in the crowd. Locally, the pattern disrupt is me.

How are you presenting yourself and your business to the world? How are you perceived, and how are you gauging if your desired perception is effective? What is your visual content representing about your brand? The return on attention and engagement on my social media platforms is my best measurement. Do I have your attention?

How efficiently are you putting out content about yourself and your business, content of value and content that is empowering? Are you standing out from the crowd?

See you soon,


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