All About Alex

I’d love to tell you a bit about myself.  I’m Alexis (I often go by Alex) and I am the owner of Mountain Cane Media, a name derived from my husband’s hand-carved walking stick and a tool that provides balance, stamina to assist you on your journey. 

My passion for website design was instilled at an early age during the days of Myspace!  I love learning different languages, from JavaScript and HTML to Arabic, and am always looking to brush up on my language skills over coffee.  As a website of the year nominee from the Queen of Social Media Rachel Pedersen, to an aspiring weight lifter, I can be found executing monumental, humble, and strong digital marketing tactics to propel your business’s growth. 

I love working with clients in the construction, interior design, art, course content, wellness & fitness, travel, and coaching fields.  If your business adds value to you and your clients, then we could make a great team.

A little about me:

-Favorite food:  Sushi
-Favorite podcast:  Many, but currently Jenna Kutcher and Brooke Castillo have me listening in!
-Favorite store:  Amazon
-Favorite drink:  Coffee
-Favorite color:  I’m an artist, ALL of them.  Esp. Teals, Yellows, and Grey
-Favorite animal:  Horses
-Favorite vacation spot:  Wherever my family goes.  Love the Great Smokey Mountains though.
-Favorite TV show:  HGTV shows

I’d love to get to know you better.  Leave your favorites in the comments!

See you soon,

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