We introduce ourselves to you: Mountain Cane Media

We are happy to announce that we are rebranding from Art with Alex Design to Mountain Cane Media. If you haven’t paid much attention to us before, stay tuned for all the updates to come as we reintroduce ourselves!

Rebranding has been quite the experience, much like starting a business from scratch. If starting your business is something you have been wanting to do, feel free to follow us as we complete this rebrand and follow our steps.

One of the first things that we needed to do was create our new business name. After many brainstorming sessions and letting our choices marinade for a bit, we decided on Mountain Cane Media. When you are deciding on your business name choice, be sure to check all social media platforms for your name’s availability as consistency in how it is displayed is key. You want your followers to be able to find you easily on whatever platform they are searching for you on. Additionally, take note of what is already on the web with your name choice. You will be associated with these things when being searched for online.

Mountain Cane Media also has a personal meaning for our family. We felt the need to change names to represent the growth our business has experienced. Alex is no longer a solopreneur, but a part of a team of top marketers and an incredible support system. We wanted to embody this team with a name that promotes the strength, stamina, and balance we feel daily within our company and with characteristics that we strive to provide to our clients.

Furthermore, our family is a lover of the outdoors. Living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, we hike often and spend time outdoors. We homeschool with a focus on project-based learning, fostering the interest of our children with high values on learning through our life experiences and outdoor education. We love mountains and hope to travel to see as many mountains as we can!

Follow our monumental journey during this experience. We are still creating our new aesthetics as this name will carry us through the life of our business and entrepreneurial journey and we want to spend some time on these visual choices. Meanwhile, we are operational and excited to assist you with your marketing needs.

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