How healthy is your website?

Hey, Happy day!  I hope you are doing well today.  How is your website doing? Bet that is a  question you haven’t been asked lately or a thought you don’t often ask yourself.

Business owners and bloggers, I know you are busy putting your efforts into the passion areas of your business, doing what you do best.  Your website is there to support you, and it is not at the forefront of your mind. 


Let’s take a minute to reflect on your self-care and how it is necessary that you balance the energy you put into your business with caring for yourself.  How can you be the best version of yourself if you aren’t putting yourself first? Your self-care efforts are reflected in your business. Thus, you take the time to go grab that coffee, relax at the park for a moment, hike, do yoga, kickbox, or shop.  Whatever it is that brings you peace amongst that chaos that surrounds you. You also make sure to attend your annual check-up to make sure your body is healthy inside and out.  

Website Care

Now let’s think back to your website that is part of the body of your business, providing that you have one (and if you don’t, it’s time for your business to have a check-up).  Your site is the informational center or hub of your product and service sales. Are you investing the time and energy into keeping your website healthy? Just as you take preventative measures to stay healthy and strong, our websites need the same attention.  Software updates provide protection again malware and hackers. You want to ensure that your site users are being provided with the best possible experience on your site. Eliminate those bad pages and broken links, update them with current content about your latest pursuits, and promote your specials.  Websites allow you to control the narrative about what is going on with your business, take full advantage of the luxury this amenity grants you- and keep it healthy.

Seriously considering a website check-up?

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